Kindle - To Those Who Profane The Lord's Day

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  1. Logan

    Logan Puritan Board Junior

    This is a new release of Matthew Henry's pastoral, yet convicting treatise for those who do not keep the Lord's Day and for those who imagine they do. Unabridged and lightly edited by Jon Norman (for ease of reading). His introduction:

    Kindle link
  2. Tom Hart

    Tom Hart Puritan Board Senior

    Thank you. Is there a paper copy of this currently in print?
  3. Logan

    Logan Puritan Board Junior

    The only one I'm aware of is within the two-volume reprint of Henry's works. Baker Books did it I think.
  4. Wayne

    Wayne Tempus faciendi, Domine.

    Without opening your Kindle file, I'm pretty sure this is the same work by Matthew Henry, though this is a scan of an early printing, so the language has not been modernized. PDF, ePub, and Kindle options.
    [jump to "page" 258 of the PDF for the first page of "The Sabbath"

    Full list of works on this digital file:
    Biographical Sketch of Henry
    Funeral sermons on the death of Matthew Henry
    Daily Communion with God
    Christianity no Sect
    The Sabbath
    The Promises of God
    The Worth of the Soul
    A Church in the House

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