Kindle - Meekness and Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry

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    Matthew Henry (1662--1714) first published this excellent book in 1699. Henry himself said "That temper of mind, which meekness endeavors to promote, and to charm men into, every one will own to be highly conducive to the comfort of human life, the honor of our holy religion, and the welfare and happiness of all societies, civil and sacred."

    To my knowledge this is the only unabridged edition published outside of Henry's complete works, all other editions I've been able to find were the abridged version from the American Tract Society, which alters the phrasing and removes all the footnotes, Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.

    I found this book extremely profitable in my own interactions with those around me (learning to be meek and not instantly defend myself) and part of me thinks this should be required reading for everyone desiring to interact online!

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    Thanks so much for your work on these works, Logan. I bought all of them for Kindle and am excited to have and read them- especially looking forward
    to reading the Matthew Henry work on meekness (needing to find it as profitable as you did!) What an amazing thing that we can have such rich works so inexpensively.

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    Brother, can I please have a link to all the kindle books you have put on Amazon? Thanks!
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    I appreciate that kind comment Jeri and hope you enjoy. I'm always willing to improve if you have suggestions or find any remaining errors.
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    Thanks for your help Jimmy.

    Ryan, there are a couple of ways, first is that these posts are contained within the "TeXset" publisher forum, so you can just go up a level from this post to see all the other works I've posted. Second, my site has a listing. Thanks for asking!

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