Kindle!!!! Just arrived today!

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I'm so excited. I just got my Kindle today. It's the $139 version from Amazon. A bit small...but think I will do fine w/ it.

I've been carrying lots of articles in paper, sermons, etc...and am tired of having a mess of papers on my desk. Besides...I think I'll certainly be saving on ink/paper.

Anyway...has anyone loaded their sermon notes/outlines on a device like this and found any benefit?

Really looking forward to following the Free Books on Kindle threads... :graduate:


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I've heard of several Pastors who use devices like that from the pulpit (more specifically the ipad though). I hope you enjoy it, as it sounds like you will. :)


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I have a Kindle. Overall it is best for reading books that a pure text and are read straight through from beginning to end (eg novels, some non-fiction). It is more limited in reference style works - I downloaded the free sample of the ESV Study Bible and it wasn't too impressive lots of buttons clicks to find notes - I'll be sticking with my hard copy.

As regards sermon notes etc - because it is monochrome with smallish screen it doesn;t compare too well to paper notes with different coloured highlights / text and being able to view more than one page at once in the pulpit.

It is a good device for its main purpose - ebook reader, otherwise very limited (eg viewing pdfs is very problematic).
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