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I have Kindle for PC and my Kindle 3G. I have downloaded some book's that show up on my Kindle for PC but not on my Kindle. Was wondering if someone is able to explain how I can move these book's also to my Kindle? Any help is appreciated.
You should be able to with whispersync, I would imagine. If not, plug your Kindle in and drag and drop from your downloads.
Sorry, I saw your title and assumed you were a Mac user looking for kindling for a PC! (Guess who hasn't joined the e-book world yet.)
From your Kindle, connect to 3G or through the Wireless Network. Go to Archive and select the books you want to download to your Kindle from your Amazon Kindle account.
Thank you all. I was able to download the book's to my Kindle. They were hiding on my computer and I just had to find them and transfer them in.
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