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I've been wanting a large format e-reader for at least two years, but they all have just been too expensive.

Until I saw a Kindle dx for sale at Staples for $279. Regular price for the past year has been $379.

So I bought it.

It's sort of a step back in time. The display is wonderful, and it renders pdfs pretty well, but the interface reminds me of gadgets from the 80s. I chose this version because I use a lot of 8 1/2 X 11 pdfs--the Federal Courts require this format for filing.

I also have a whole bunch of pdf books that read pretty well.

One thing--this is definitely not a tablet. It's a reading machine. The pdfs render well, but navigation is a bit cumbersome. No table of content support for pdfs, no annotations or highlighting for pdfs either. I can book mark sections I want, and that works fine. pdfs are searchable too.

But I also have a lot of free Kindle books I've collected, and they work very well on the machine.

All in all, I think it's a justifiable expense for me at this price. I have a veritable small library on it already, including complete works of Owen, a lot of Calvin, numerous Puritans, commentaries, Bibles, not to mention all of my active case documents.

Still on sale at Staples through 10/8/2011. I don't know, maybe the price will drop even further, but I suspect the dx will become an abandoned platform as tablets become more popular. Still, the e-ink does make a lot of difference on tired eyes.



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Good deal Raymond. I'd like one of the larger ones for reading also, but...

Saving money is the primary thing for me. So I'm forced to get the cheapest one at 79 dollars. That makes my decision easy at least.:)

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The new Kindles are out (for pre-order) now at much lower prices. They are smaller than this one, though. I was actually looking here for opinions on the new ones. They are so much less that I am definitely going to try one!
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