KFC-Donut Chicken Sandwich

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I'm skeptical that it will approach the popularity of chicken and waffles.

I never see anybody at the local KFC except at their lunch buffet. But this is "Popeyes country" so that probably has a lot to do with it.


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As a LEO, this looks terrifyingly delicious. Fried chicken smashed in between two police biscuits... I see my life expectancy dropping in the near future.
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Jack K

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If they would put it between a couple of hot Krispy Kremes, it would be irresistible. But sadly, I suspect chicken that's been in the warmer for a few hours, placed between doughnuts that were trucked in last week. Hope I'm wrong about that.

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To think, I thought the doughnut grilled cheese from Tom + Chee was next level. There was also the glazed doughnut burger back in Denver. :eek:
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