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I would suggest that a person be able to view posts on a thread he/she started. It's happened several times that I have started a thread only to have it moved to a section of the board that I don't have access to. The most recent one is my thread on the morality of Edwards Snowden's actions.


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1. Post Your Subject in the Proper Forum

One of the main reasons that the Board was revised was to make it easier for everyone to see and find threads that they want to participate in. So think first before you start a new thread (cf. #3 below). Make sure that you have the best forum you can think of for your thread. For example, if you are asking a question about the qualifications of elders, even though it technically could be posted in the Theology Forum, it belongs in the Ecclesiology Forum.

There are politcal issues and world news issues that have proper forums. If you desire to have access to those forums you can click on this link and follow the instructions.
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