Judge Roy Moore to Speak in Wytheville, VA

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Brother myself and Mason had agreed to disagree; it is a shame that you could not exercise similar self-restraint and left it at that.

However, you continue to misrepresent us as we are not saying that private individuals may take it upon themselves to do such things as Judge Moore did. All we are arguing for is the classic Reformed doctrine of interposition - which allows the lesser magistrate to resist higher magistrates when they restrict the people's liberty.
Misrepresent? That's a nice word for lying. No; I've told the truth about Roy Moore.

As for interposition, I've never heard that word from Moore's mouth; is he even familiar with the concept?

What liberty of the people is Moore protecting? The only liberty he's asserting is his own presumed liberty to conduct a religious exercise on government property at taxpayer expense.

If he'd placed a monument to the Koran, I doubt you'd defend him.

It was the higher magistrates who were protecting the people's liberties, not Roy Moore.

But if you want to agree to disagree, that's fine with me. Just don't make parting shots questioning my character, and expect agreement.
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