John Stott on the Sabbath and work

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  1. Reformed Covenanter

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    [T]he climax of Genesis 1 is not the creation of human beings as workers but the institution of the Sabbath for human beings as worshippers. The end point is not our toil (subduing the earth) but the laying aside of our toil on the Sabbath day. For the Sabbath puts the importance of work into perspective. It protects us from a total absorption in our work as if it were to be the be-all and end-all of our existence. It is not.

    John Stott, The radical disciple: wholehearted Christian living (Nottingham, 2010), pp 59-60.
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    And if this is the place of our work of labor in relation to the Lord's Day or Christian Sabbath, how much more our mere works of pleasure?
  3. reaganmarsh

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    Amen and amen!
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