Johann Heinrich Heidegger's Introduction to the OT (Historical Books)

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I have almost finished the translation of Heidegger's detailed outline of 1 Kings. Another day or two...
2 Kings--A reminder that civil rulers are accountable to God...whatever they might imagine.

Although Kings and Chronicles cover the same historical period, they are very different books, written for very different reasons.

Listen to Dr. Dilday's Sermon: "Why Study Chronicles? (Part 1)"
Biblical Chronology is a dying discipline...and it shouldn't be.

Here, Heidegger provides some additional pieces...

The nation that provokes the King of Kings will fall!

An outline of 2 Kings...

The sin of the nation, government and people, leads to ruin.

2 Kings... timely...

Heidegger whets our appetite for his study of 1 Chronicles!

The Greek title of Chronicles, Paralipomena (Things Passed over), captures the attitude of many towards these precious books of Scripture.

Let us not make the same mistake, neglecting this portion of our inheritance!

Did Ezra write Chronicles?

Heidegger explores...

Heidegger gives us a brief summary of the distinctive content in 1 Chronicles!

What practical purposes did 1 Chronicles serve in its own day?

Of what use is it now?

Heidegger explores...

1 Chronicles is too much neglected.

Familiarize yourself in minutes with Heidegger's outline!

The study of Biblical chronology is too much neglected in our day!

1 Chronicles, too much neglected, now available at a glance!

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