Joel Beeke: King James Version Study Bible

Discussion in 'Translations and Manuscripts' started by Claudiu, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Claudiu

    Claudiu Puritan Board Junior

    From Joel Beeke's site (post: King James Version Study Bible):

    Reformation Heritage Books is excited to announce the planned publication of a new study Bible. Amid the vast array of study Bibles written in the past century, there has not been a single Study Bible using the beloved and trusted King James Version written from a sound Reformed perspective. The KJV Study Bible for Personal and Family Worship (KJVSB) will promote the preservation and use of the KJV while leading the reader into a deeper and richer understanding of the Word of God.

    One of its unique strengths will be its focus on personal and family worship. Each book will begin with an introduction that will give not only a clear synopsis of the book, but also will explain how the book fits in the redemptive history of Scripture. In addition to highlighting key interpretational issues and explaining archaic words, the KJVSB will strongly emphasize the application of the Scripture to the heart and life. This “head-heart-hand” focus will speak to both the intellectual as well as the experiential needs of the reader. Unique to the KJVSB are the recommendations and pointers for personal and family worship at the conclusion of every chapter.

    For more information on this project and how you can help, please see the KJV Study Bible ad.
  2. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    Until I read that, I was convinced I already owned as many Bibles as I needed :-(
  3. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

    There was a thread on this a few months ago and I am even more excited about this now than I was then. This looks like it will be an incredible resource for the Reformed Community and I do not even own a KJV (I know, I know I probably should).
  4. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    yes you should!!
  5. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

    I read from the ESV but I do sometimes cross check with the KJV using the Olive Tree Bible Application. I'm not opposed to the KJV, just haven't purchased one yet.
  6. N. Eshelman

    N. Eshelman Puritan Board Senior

    Okay... I will get cyber-punched for this...

    Wouldn't $250,000 be better spent making a faithful translation from the Hb/Gr Mss behind the KJV? That seems to be a real need in the church- an Ecclesiastical Text in "vulgar" language to use the WCF's term.
  7. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

    Isn't that what the NKJV did? Or did they simply remove the "thees and thous" and not update the translation at all?
  8. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior

    I'm one of the contributors. :) 2 Samuel
  9. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior

    And my dear brother and colleague, "vulgar" in the WCF sense means English, not Latin, German, not Latin, French, not Latin, etc.

    vulgar [ˈvʌlgə]
    (Linguistics) (often capital; usually prenominal) denoting a form of a language, esp of Latin, current among common people, esp at a period when the formal language is archaic and not in general spoken use

    The KJV is still vulgar.

  10. Jeff Burns

    Jeff Burns Puritan Board Freshman

    Or how about a Bible in an indigenous language that doesn't have one at all (regardless of TR or CT!). But alas... We drown in new translations and new versions and bindings and font sizes and page layouts, ad infinitum while many in the world have not even a single page of Scripture in their native tongue.
  11. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior

    This being done dear brother. By clicking here, you will see that TBS, one among several bible translation societies, is working hard on bringing the gospel to many other languages. The RHB Study Bible is simply trying to provide a study Bible for families. We are not indicating by our work that all other efforts are less important than our own.
  12. joejohnston3

    joejohnston3 Puritan Board Sophomore

    I mainly use the ESV Reformation Bible but do always have a KJV Study Bible available for reference.
  13. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

    Very exciting, Pastor Lewis. Do you know/are you able to tell us who else is contributing?
  14. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior


    Alan MacGregor
    Andrew McIntosh
    Chuck Barrett
    David Silversides
    Gerald Procee
    Jerrold Lewis
    Jerry Bilkes
    Joel Beeke John Greer
    John McKnight
    John Thackway
    Malcom Watts
    Mark Allison
    Maurice Roberts
    Mike Barrett
    Pooyan Mehrshahi
  15. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    I don't know about a "cyber-punch" but I'll give a hearty cyber-amen.
  16. Bill The Baptist

    Bill The Baptist Puritan Board Graduate

    Originally that is what the Holman Christian Standard was supposed to be, a new translation from the Majority/Byzantine texts. But then Arthur Farstad died and they decided to go with the Critical Text instead.
  17. N. Eshelman

    N. Eshelman Puritan Board Senior

    Reverend Lewis, I will stop after this, but using your definition of vulgar, I must say that the only time I have heard vulgar English during my ministry was at an Elizabethan festival in San Diego. Your definition says that it is "current among common people." I cannot say that I have heard this vulgar tongue during my time as a pastor.
  18. MW

    MW Puritan Board Doctor

    What, precisely, is the source of this vulgar translation? Would that be the Hebrew and Greek languages which utilise numerous linguistic and literary devices foreign to the "common people?" Or should one be content to leave these untranslated, or ill-translated, as in the other modern versions?
  19. ChristianTrader

    ChristianTrader Puritan Board Graduate

    One thing. Isn't the point of a study Bible to make it easier for the common people to properly understand the Bible by way of study aids etc.?
  20. AThornquist

    AThornquist Puritan Board Doctor

    Amen and amen! Nevertheless, since this money is being invested in this way regardless, I hope and pray that it will be a great blessing to the Church. I have no doubt that it will be a helpful resource.
  21. a mere housewife

    a mere housewife Not your cup of tea

    My pastor, Geoff Banister, is also contributing to this.
  22. DMcFadden

    DMcFadden Puritan Board Doctor


    I know that you answered this years ago. However, I'm on a plane and it would be too much hassle to try to search the archives. What is your problem with the NKJV? Do you want an English translation that is more TR without any MT or do you just not like the English style of the NKJV?
  23. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

    Thank you, Pastor Lewis!
  24. py3ak

    py3ak They're stalling and plotting against me Staff Member

  25. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

  26. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Professor

    I wonder if Beeke et al will eventually allow the notes to be published with a different translation (like the ESV) after the KJV version has been in print awhile. I expect the notes to be excellent but, having no interest in the KJV, I'd be out of luck if that's the only translation they come with.
  27. Zach

    Zach Puritan Board Junior

    While I don't read from the KJV (and don't plan on starting to) I think this resource will be worth having it even in a translation that I do not read.
  28. PuritanCovenanter

    PuritanCovenanter Moderator Staff Member

    My comment on Facebook when someone made a argument for current language.

    I am partial to the KJV. I like the manuscript family the best. I believe it to be a pretty accurate translation via formal equivalence as much as possible. And as far as education goes, I quit school with an 8th grade education having flunked my 9
    th grade and what part my sophmore year I attended. Because I picked up the KJV I learned to read better and had a college level comprehension by my second year in the Navy. My Commanding officer made everyone who didn't have a High School education get tested and get their GED. I thank God for him. I have an associates degree at least. I am also probably headed back for Seminary also.

    The KJV is not that archaic and the tenses of language are kept. Something our generation knows little about. We need to go grow up. I love my KJV. Stupidity has languished too long. I also use other translations so I am not KJVO.

    BTW, I can show passages that common day language will need explanation and commentary to understand. Study to show thyself approved is a discipline. The word of God should not be taken in as fast food is in our day. The KJV is just fine.
  29. sevenzedek

    sevenzedek Puritan Board Junior

    Before someone bashes you for obvious reasons, I thought I might assume the right to clarify your intentions in order to support your sentiments, as I agree with you: Those who demand the word of God in the same manner as they demand their fast food should grow up as a Christian. I believe this is what you were aiming at? To that I say amen.
  30. jandrusk

    jandrusk Puritan Board Sophomore

    I find it difficult to accept the argument that we need study notes or more modern Bible translations in order to make the scriptures more lucid for the average laymen. Is it that hard to use a KJV dictionary? If a Scottish farmboy can memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism, why is it so difficult for educated American Christians?
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