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Discussion in 'The Literary Forum' started by Matthew1344, Mar 23, 2014.

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  1. Matthew1344

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    Someone recently has given my wife a copy of Jesus calling and i really do not want to read 10 blogs or read all 365 devotions, but i heard that something was weird about this book. Can someone help me out and fill me in?

    thanks brothers!
  2. Berean

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  3. Free Christian

    Free Christian Puritan Board Sophomore

    Charismatic. From what I have been able to pick up on, its almost, though not exactly the same, a bit Ellen Whitish.
  4. Jerusalem Blade

    Jerusalem Blade Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    It’s worse than realized. A good friend was given the book, and is quite taken with it. I knew right off something was wrong so I looked around and found the book, “Another Jesus” Calling (alluding to the verse 2 Cor 11:4), which is a detailed and in-depth refutation of Sarah Young’s book. From a blurb on the refuting book:

    When former New Ager Warren B. Smith read Jesus Calling, he became greatly concerned, finding it troubling to see a number of New Age practices and concepts being presented as completely normal for Christians.

    Even more troubling, there were no warnings or disclaimers about what was being introduced. By the end of the book, Jesus Calling and its “Jesus” had subtly, and not so subtly, introduced occult/New Age channeling, spiritual dictation, creative visualization, meditation, divine alchemy, co-creation with God, and practicing the presence like it was everyday Christian fare. New Age terms and concepts were brought into the messages like they were no big deal. And added to this were indirect references to a pantheistic poet and two classic New Age books, along with a hearty endorsement of God Calling – the channeled book that inspired Sarah Young to try and receive her own personal messages from Jesus.

    The unusual use of language by the “Jesus” of Jesus Calling was also disturbing. It seemed to run the gamut from “everyday Joe” language to strange word choice, unwarranted flattery, worldly clichés, repetitive phrases, disparaging comments, and not so subtle mockery. All in all, Jesus Calling seemed to be an obvious attempt by our spiritual Adversary to get an even further foothold inside the Christian church.​

    The book may be gotten here.

    More reviews:

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    I have found Lighthouse Trails a keen discernment ministry. Yes, they are Dispensational, and I think IFB, but nonetheless very sharp and Biblical in this area of discernment.
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