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Dear Christian friends,

I’ve been looking for and collecting these for a while, and am posting them as I recently said I would, for the benefit of those who would like to see a mostly irenic and scholarly presentation of the TR / AV position. I say “mostly irenic” as in some of my earlier postings I was less irenic than now. Irenic does not mean I am softening my position, but rather softening my heart toward dear brothers and sisters who differ with me in textual matters. Hanging out with IFB folks for a while before coming here to PB, I appreciated their bare-knuckled approach to the matter. But here I came into contact with scholarly and godly opponents who protested my approach, as it was their conviction – based upon conscience and scholarship – that they did possess a “legitimate” Bible in the CT versions. I myself address this in the “adequate vs. minute preservation” discussions, and agree with them.

My mature (& present) attitude can be found in the OP of the “Responding to James White of AOMIN” thread. There is coming a time when all sectors of the true church will be afflicted and persecuted, even in the U.S., and we shall need that cement which holds the house of living stones firm and steady while in tribulation: that cement is genuine friendship. While the foundation is Christ in Scripture, and the pillars are sound doctrine in godly churches, friendship in Christ holds it all together – holds us all together.

Bitter souls (whatever side they are on) who indulge in stereotyping, inflammatory slanderous remarks, holding opponents in contempt, not only violate the grace our Lord commands us to show one another (as He sustains us by His undeserved grace), they reveal dire illness of the soul, channeling an infernal root of bitterness that indeed defiles many. Some boards allow such; I hope this board does not allow it to continue, for it has made its mark here (and I’m sorry to say I have participated to some extent in it; I would alter some words of mine, but the threads and posts are locked, and not to be changed). So when you may see harsh words I may have spoken, know that I have repented of this bad attitude.

If we ever find ourselves hidden in a house together, with evil posses outside hunting for us, I want to be known as a friend among friends, all of us in the presence of our mighty Captain, and not as a flaming-tongued disturber of the peace.

Our opponents will sufficiently try our views of Scripture. It is now to them I will give my attention, starting with Ehrman (I am procuring some of his books to study them).

I may add to this list, and I will also note here when I get my website (blog) up (not the PB blog). On my PB blog I will duplicate this post.

In Jesus’ mighty name,


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Nice work brother, thank you.

Just don't forget to knuckle up once in a while...


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A very hearty "Thank you" not only for the posts themselves but for making the more accessible and organized.


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Brother, you have singlehandedly gotten me to reconsider the teaching of my college and seminary profs on manuscripts. Your powerful arguments and irenic disposition has moved me off my bias in favor of the critical text due to its too-great reliance upon the Alexandrian manuscripts. I am not in your camp supporting the KJV/TR. However, you have given me a whole new respect for the Byzantine mss.

Thank you for your blessing to all of us!:pray2:

Jerusalem Blade

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Thanks for your comments, friends!

I couldn't resist listing a few of the Baptism [and some miscellaneous] posts here also!

Baptism threads

John 1:12-13 & baptism revisited thread (A response to Dr. Bob)

This thread went to 7 pages!
Why I am now a Baptist thread (11 posts in all, starting with):

A couple of baptism questions thread (2 posts, starting with):


Israel has not been replaced by the church
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Having just left IFB, and having witnessed the 'battles' over the text issue become divisive and a matter of fellowship, I must thank you Elder Rafalsky for the irenic, scholarly tone your posts have taken. A tone such as this must be taken when discussing a topic that has many godly men on either side of it. That is the only way it is truly edifying. Having become used to a tone that had moved away from that of Burgon, Mauro, and Hills, it is refreshing to hear the case for the TR presented without the bombast. Thank you for the work in compiling these links.


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Thank you for your words in the OP. While I may differ with some of your conclusions, I am in unison with your irenic spirit.
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