Jeremiah Burroughs Does it Again! - Rules for Our Walking With God

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    Did Jeremiah Burroughs ever write a bad book?
    I don't think so. Burroughs does it again teaching Christians how to walk faithfully with God.

    Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646), was a brilliant Reformed preacher of the Gospel, and an astute theologian. He ministered with pastoral sensitivity and a zealous desire to glorify God in his preaching and writing. He was chosen one of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, aiding the church in setting down the most biblical and thorough confession in the history of the Christian Church. All those at the Assembly looked to him as a divine of great wisdom and moderation. Among puritans to be read from the 17th century, Burroughs is not ever to be missed.

    Rules for Our Walking With God - by Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646)

    How are Christians to walk with God like Enoch? Are you walking with God as God requires?

    The bible is filled with a theology of walking. This supernatural, and eminently important topic, is the substance of this discourse by master-exegete and preacher Jeremiah Burroughs. This work is laid out in a series of “rules” which demonstrate to the Christian what one looks like who in fact walks with God.

    Burroughs’ main text is, “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” (Gen. 5:24). His main doctrine from this text is that it is the great excellency and commendation of a godly man to walk with God. Or, that it is the highest testimony that can be given that a man walks with God.

    He covers how a person is brought to walk with God shown in six particulars. Then he defines, specifically, what it means to walk with God, and their extended excellencies, along with exhortations to both Christians and unbelievers as to their interest in walking with God. Then, he provides ten ways that show people in the church, and even people in the world, that a man is walking with God, or not. Lastly, he demonstrates biblical “rules” toward walking with God in the right manner.

    The last chapter is actually an extra-added section that Burroughs decided he could not write this work without. That chapter is worth its weight in gold, and alone is worth the time of reading this volume. It houses the objection concerning the manner in which God sometimes may hide his face from his people for their good; though, at the time, it surely doesn’t feel as though desertion is a good thing. Burroughs covers being self-deceived in this, and answers various particulars concerning how to rightly judge whether one is actually walking with God in the right way, whether one is deserted by God, and whether such a desertion warrants repentance or just right thinking.

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