Jeremiah 31:22

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  1. baron

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    How long will you waver, O faithless daughter? For the Lord has created a new thing on the earth: a woman encircles a man. ESV

    Having problem with last part of verse For the Lord created a new thing: a woman encircles a man.

    ESV bible says a woman ... a man The saying is obscure, but possibly the picture is a mother protecting her son, that is , of security.

    In The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge:

    Coccecius says one who is only a woman not a wife namely a virgin.

    The Jews applied it to the Messiah: In Berashith Rabba Parash 89 it is said that as God punished israel in a virgin, so he would also heal.

    Midrash Tillmin on Ps.2 R Huna in the name of Idi speaking of the sufferings of the Messiah says that when the hour is come God shall say I must create him with a new creation; and so he saith this day I have begotten thee.

    I was also told that John Calvin refered to this as being Mary and Jesus.

    Is this verse pointing to the Messiah? Or something else?

    Thanks for any help regarding this verse. After reading the bible many time's I never read this verse or remember it and yesterday while reading it it jumped out at me.
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    Calvin says
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