Jeduthan, a hidden gem, pointing to Jesus in the Psalms

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Jeduthan, the seer of the king , a hidden gem, pointing to Jesus in the Psalms

Jeduthun master of music prophesied on his harp
six sons doing the same makes seven
complete and full

Jeduthan, dean of musicians, prepares music for three songs

Book 1, the blessed man, Genesis. A worthy theme for a man who prophesies on a harp
What Is the Measure of My Days, a Psalm of David
Jeduthan arranges music for David to move hearer's hearts and minds; in Psalm 39, God sovereign discipline even using the wicked,
Believer be silent before the wicked knowing his life is momentary

Book 2 , deliverance, Exodus. A worthy theme for a man who prophesies on a harp
My Soul Waits for God Alone, a Psalm of David
Jeduthan arranges music for David, in Psalm 62 to move hearer's hearts and minds, God is security,
Believer be silent before God, knowing the wicked are momentary

Book 3, sanctuary, Leviticus, a Psalm of Apaph( meaning gatherer). A worthy theme for a man who prophesies on a harp
In the Day of Trouble I Seek the Lord
Jeduthan arranges music for Asaph to move hearer's hearts and minds, in Psalm 77,
Let preoccupation with one's problems give way to being lost in God
Be assured, God wondrously leads and delivers although His footsteps not seen

Psalms 77 on little resolution of problems
perplexing for the believer
It gets more perplexing as the reader moves to toward the end of the dark book of the Psalms, Book 3

Then a moment of darkness

And most spectacularly, following the bleakest of all Psalms Psalm 88
Heman, meaning faithful, and 'the seer of Israel' sings the darkest lament in all the Psalms

Jeduthan, titled 'seer of David', comes back in hidden form, in Psalm 89
End of two books written by many priest and Levites
at the ends of the Psalms corresponding to Exodus and Leviticus
Jeduthun is as it were, not recognized under his other name

Now as Ethan, identity obscured for many reader, Jeduthan sings about another who is often overlooked
Ethan meaning strong and optimistic, solid and enduring, permanent
Singing about the seed of David thrice and the anointed thrice
Song of praise about a seed of David called anointed before, during and after being forsaken.
Fitting end of the priestly books of Psalms 2 and 3

Heman, seer of Israel has spoken
Jeduthan, seer of King David, has spoken
and spoken well

Jesus, though hidden in some ways, not yet revealed
Ultimate sacrifice
Fulfillment of the sacrificial system

Perplexities of life
Justice of God
Love of God
Mercies of God
all meet together

A worthy theme for seven men who prophesies on a harp to sing
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Charles Spurgeon and many people were convinced Jeduthan and Ethan are the same.
Not all take this position and there is also a view Ethan was his descendant and so just replaces Jeduthun in some genealogists.

I lean toward the same person, but willing to say or figuratively the same. Jeduthan is in Book 3 so being the same is possible. Jeduthan's peers Asaph and Heman are in book 3 as well so no need to reach into his descendants for another person

Another argument is that Heman who just spoke in Psalm 88 has title 'seer of Israel', also in one place called 'seer of the King as well It's then fitting and possible for Jeduthan to now speak as 'seer of the King', and if its a descendent it's as if Jeduthan spoke figuratively. Gad, Ethan and Jeduthan wre all referred to as seers of the King perhaps at various times in the life of David and Soloman Psalm 88, 89 back to back seems having the seers of Israel/David back to back as well. Asaph was also referred to as a seer.
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