JDRE been out two years.

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Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici has been out two years; it was the second title in the first series year of Naphtali Press Special Editions published by Naphtali Press and Reformation Heritage Books. JDRE was written by the London Provincial Assembly, an assembly made up of English Presbyterians, many of whom were also members of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. JDRE is essentially the assembly's answer to the House of Commons' attack on a divine right of church government; i.e., that there is a form of government prescribed in Scripture. The Commons wanted to retain the power of church censures for itself and exempt themselves from any liability to church censures. The book is still available. If you order it be sure to request the errata sheet that you can peel and stick. NPSE is wrapping up its third series year and five volumes are in print. Durham on Revelation v1 &v2, David Dickson on Lamentations, JDRE, Shorter Writings of George Gillespie volume 1. Durham on Revelation v3 is in production and I'm working hard on the Shorter Writings of George Gillespie v2; month or six weeks more work I think; and Voetius on the Sabbath and Holy Days looks to get translated this year; so far so good at least). We will look in a couple of months to drum up sponsors for the fourth series year. NPSE relies on sponsors to raise the funds necessary to create the text that are turned over to RHB to produce and stock and sell. More on that in a couple of months. If you would like a copy of JDRE, see here.
Looking forward to Voetius most assuredly, Gillespie's  Disputes was the most instrumental overhaul in my outlook on worship. Blessings to you and yours
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