It Pays to Go to Library Sales

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At a library sale at John MacArthur's church, I acquired the following;

An 1843 printing of Gilbert Burnet's The History of the Reformation of the Church of England (3 volumes)

Joel R. Beeke's 2006 commentary on 1-3 John

A first edition of Calvin Memorial Addresses Delivered Before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States at Savannah, Georgia, May, 1909, a publication marking the 400th anniversary of Calvin's birth

the hardback reprint of Issues 1-16 (September, 1955 - August, 1959) of The Banner of Truth magazine

the first three volumes of Posthumous Works of the Rev. Thomas Chalmers, DD., LL.D, which are comprised of his Daily Scripture Readings (1848), covering Genesis through Jeremiah

Joel R. Beeke's 2016 commentary on the Book of Revelation, in the now dead (I think) Lectio Continua series

the 1888 1-volume reprint of Life and Times of Girolamo Savonarola by Pasquale Villari (first published in 2 volumes in 1859 and 1861)

All the above for $2 each.

And, for free (my guess is that the librarian didn't think he could sell them), I also acquired 9 hardback volumes of sermons by H. P. Liddon (19th-century conservative Anglican)

I'd encourage you to keep an eye peeled for library sales at seminaries, Christian colleges, and the like. You can pick up some good stuff - some of it otherwise unavailable - for cheap prices. (Sometimes, even regular public libraries will have a gem or two for sale.)


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Is MacArthur raising money for court costs?

Kidding aside, I can't stay away from book sales. For my wife's birthday last year we just travelled everywhere around our city looking for used books. And my birthday was spent between Barnes & Noble and a local book seller.

There's something of a perpetual book sale at Baker Book House. An enormous used book section. Picked up Puritan Theology for a covetous price, and one or two other good books.


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When we lived in Tacoma, there were three seminaries in town. I loved checking out their sales. My wife brought me home a Biblia Sacra (Hebrew and Greek text in one volume) for something like $5.00. On Amazon they were going for around $90.

But we have regularly donated that that seminary (Western Reformed Seminary), partly because I felt like I got too good of a deal. ;)
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