Is Charles Stanley arminian or reformed?

Discussion in 'Calvinism & The Doctrines of Grace' started by Javilo, Jan 21, 2009.

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  2. Curt

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    My first thought when I saw the title of the thread was to answer, "divorced." Yes, he is also very Arminian. But while we're casting stones about prominent "churchmen" getting away with things, let's remember that there are some prominent types in confesssional denominations who manage to break the second commandment with impunity.
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    For the original question,

    Having listened to some of his programs years ago and from general knowledge:

    Arminian-influenced (probably 3 of 5 points Calvinist without fully comprehending the system) + dispensational + no confession of faith to bind.

    He preaches the gospel and God has used him to bring some people to Himself. He was president of the Southern Baptist Convention at least two terms.

    My impression (because I do not follow his teaching or activities now) is that he is trending farther away from teaching the full counsel of God's Word as are many within "broad evangelicalism."
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    "Now listen!... Listen carefully!" :lol:
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    :um: I started this with just looking at his website, but with the people that have listened to him, it might change the opinion. The only caveat I would say is he may have changed? Don't know, and because I have a lot of good people to listen to, I don't bother with those I don't know. (I don't have time to listen to everyone that hangs out a shingle as a pastor, which is another reason I like Presbyterian polity. :) )

    If he isn't reformed, he is real close. He holds to eternal security (what I would call God's preserving the saints).

    He also seems very close on election. On the "In Touch" website, he states:

    Would he classify himself as reformed? I don't know, but I would think he is so close he might be at least a four and a half point Calvinist.

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    I'm surprised ... I went to the website and found what I thought were plenty of things that stated he had at least a view of election that predates creation, and that "eternal security" was a fact, that salvation was through adoption by God in his choice for no other reason than his own will. It took some digging, and there was at least some information that seemed to say there had been a change in his theology (especially concerning eternal security). I'm not sure of anything else, but if he holds that the only reason anyone is saved is because God chooses them from before the foundation of the earth by the council of his own will and no other reason, it sounds like the logical equivalent of total depravity, and at least "effectively limited atonement" (the atonement is at least not applied to anyone other than the elect).


    You've heard him many times ... that has to count more than what I am reading from his website (what a man says sometimes is a lot more than what he writes).
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    Brian please do not misunderstand me. FBCA is a positive force for the gospel in GA. And brother. Stanley is a Brother in Christ. And Dr Stanley was used by God to help return the SBC to a more biblical foundation. And like most baptists they are right at least 2 times a day.

    However... the man himself, as well as his staff, hate the doctrines of grace, as we understand them.

    He has preached against, as have his staff, the doctrines of grace.

    My own family includes long time members & staff, and they have no doubt---Calvinism is a Heresy!
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