Interracial marriage

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I'll admit this purely out of curiosity.
Considering that I am white and my wife is Hispanic and we are both Reformed, I was wondering just how many interracial/inter-ethnic couples are on the PB?

I have been trying to make a pic of my wife and me my avatar...yet somehow the photo resolution is never that great we end pixelated and resembling Nintendo characters.

Oh and that is not her in the picture. That was my lady.
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Woohoo! Right here! I am hispanic and my wife is white. (you probably can't really tell from my avatar).
We are also both reformed and I have to make a note of observation, minorities are certainly the minority in reformed churches. Sorry if this is a blanket statement, it is just my observation. Oh well, I really don't care as white, black, brown - if they are of the Lord's they are my brother and sister in Christ!


I come from an inter-ethnic family. My dad is from Indiana and my mom is from South Carolina.


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I'm mixed Nordic, Celtic (Gaelic and Brythonic), and maybe some Anglo-Saxon.

I.e. I'm pure Scots.


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I'm a product of a mixed marriage. My mother is full filipina and my dad is Italian-American. I expect, should I marry, that I'll also marry outside my race, whatever that means.


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There is only one race of humans on this planet :)

I reckon the argument could be made that there are two races: Adamic Redeemed and Adamic Unredeemed.


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There is only one race of humans on this planet :)

I reckon the argument could be made that there are two races: Adamic Redeemed and Adamic Unredeemed.
Which is a great segue into Thabiti Anyabwile's sermon on "Bearing the Image" from T4G a couple years ago. Excellent treatment on "race" as a social construct more than a biological one.
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Under Biblical law the concern seems to be more cultural. Definitely not racial:

Deu 23:7 "You shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother. You shall not abhor an Egyptian, because you were a sojourner in his land.
Deu 23:8 Children born to them in the third generation may enter the assembly of the LORD.
So Edomites, which were Semites and Egyptians who were African are under the same law, that they get full citizenship rights after they've been culturally assimilated.


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I'm Canadian of Scottish, Irish, French and Dutch ancestry. My wife, the Orchid Lady is a Singaporean whose parents immigrated from China.


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I'm convinced children whose parents come from vastly different ethnic backgrounds turn out better physically. Alas, I married a white woman. (She actually may have a decent amount of Native American, but her mom was adopted so we only guess.)


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I am a Swabian Deutscher my wife is Brahman Nepalese. Actually we are not interracial since we are both Aryan.
Should we define races in terms of descent from Shem, Ham and Japheth instead of the racial categories usually applied?


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Bill and I are definitely a rainbow of diversity. He's left handed and I'm right handed, he's a math and science person and I'm a language and literatures person, etc.


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Irish, English,Dutch and Cherokee...that's how the Lord has created me! How's that for diversity?! ;)


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I do Word, my wife does Excel. She was Methodist, I was Catholic. Such diversity. :p

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I'm what we call in Hawaii "hapa-haole" (mixed race, literally "part-white"), being Native Hawaiian and Caucasian (Irish, Scottish, English and Swiss-Italian). My wife is a yon-sei (meaning a fourth-generation Japanese in Hawaii).

We have two adopted children. The older one is Korean (born in Pusan), the younger is hapa-haole (Japanese and Caucasian).

A lot of families in Hawaii are mixed race, so we really don't stick out at all.


I'm Irish, Scottish, Cherokee, English... how's that for a mixed marriage(s)?
I forgot...during my vacation when visiting my aunt I confirmed that I have Cherokee blood...along with German and Irish (and maybe English).
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