Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament - Enns

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I am looking for solid book reviews about this Peter Enns book.

Also, has the Reformed Community answered this book?

If someone were to read this book and be taken in by its arguments, what antidote would one recommend to them? What book would you recommend to a student who is influenced by Peter Enns or is moved by his arguments?

What reformed books engage the same subjects, but from a confessional viewpoint?

Finally, where is Enns now? Where is he teaching? Has he altered or modified his views any? Has he revised this book any, which seemed to be a focal point of later controversies.

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According to Wikipedia Enns is "...currently Senior Fellow, Biblical Studies with The BioLogos Foundation,[3] a Christian organization that "explores, promotes, and celebrates the integration of science and Christian faith".[4] He writes a regular column for the online blog of The BioLogos Forum, "Science and the Sacred." He also has begun writing frequent articles for the religion section of The Huffington Post: Religion."
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