Infractions and Warnings are Anonymous for a Reason - Please don't complain...

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2 Timothy 2:24-25
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Please read this first:

You really don't need to agree with the way things are run here. Seriously. I'm not offended in the least if you think I or any Admin or Mod is doing a horrible job. You're not offending me if you stop contributing because of it.

But the fact is that I trust the judgment of the Admins and Mods and they have the authority to issue infractions or warnings for board violations. It might seem arbitrary to you or unfair. That really is not the point. They have the authority to do so because nobody here has an inherent right to participate here. It is a forum and it is a private forum. That's not meant to come across as arrogant but it is a simple statement of fact much like I would remind you of the same if you were standing in my living room and started telling my wife how to arrange the furniture. I'd do so nicely but I wouldn't be shy about the fact that you're under somebody else's roof.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not complain about moderation. You'll only be infracted for it. It is anonymous because I don't want my Mods and Admins to be dragged into one-on-one "you shouldn't have infracted me" discussions. Take the advice of the 24 hour "don't appeal this infraction" advice given in the infraction. It's meant to give you time to cool off.

Remember this: Every Admin and Mod sees an Infraction. Invariably we discuss the relative merits of the infraction. Sometimes we disagree and we reverse it. I have even reversed infractions that I levied because I decided that I came down too hard on a person.

Give the process time because I'll be quite honest with you: if you don't have the humility to be able to step away and receive criticism even when you believe it is unwarranted, it says as much about you as it does about the person who you believe is unjustly criticizing you. If you have no self-control and only want to devour the person that you believed wronged you then it is evidence to me that this forum is not a healthy place for you in your continued sanctification.

If you really are bothered by the fact that the infraction comes from an anonymous party and you don't think an Admin or Moderator has the guts to face you then just imagine that I'm the one that infracted you. That way you don't have to worry because, if it sticks, I know about it and agree with it.
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