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I've long aimed at learning Latin, and this summer I will probably take the plunge via independent study for seminary credits. My goal is 3 credits (9 hours work x 10 weeks). My supervisor will be a former Latin examiner at WTS. However, necessity dictates that I author my own course of study.

I need advice on a good course of study. My main interest in pursuing Latin is theological works, but I'd like a start on reading the classics too.

I'm evaluating a number of potential projects, after which I'll develop a final course of study and propose it to my professor.

Potential ideas:

- Wheelock's Latin Grammar - I already have this. 40 chapters. I wonder if 20 may be sufficient. Idea is to read all the chapters and do all the exercises. Maybe do all as a substitute for no in-class time
- Alternate: Use Hans Orberg, which looks like it is Latin immersion.
- X number of pages in reading the Vulgate, or the Latin bible translations of Tremelius, Junius, and Beza
- Translation exercises or one single project (eg. translate one whole chapter from Latin bible)
- Composition exercises
- Use David Noe's Latin Per Diem, watch x number of videos, keep workbook of notes taken
- Find a self-quiz website to substantiate progress or capability in Latin

Please offer any suggestions you have if you wish. Thank you!
Honestly, it sounds like you've got a good foundation based on what you listed. I'd recommend putting the time in and I'm sure you'll be fine.
You can also try Latinum. It is $8-$15 a month depending on subscription. But dont let the price fool you, it is packed with tons of learning material. I think the main thing for beginning Latin there is Adlers Latin Grammar. But they have a whole immersive course built around that work with videos and audio resources you can use like Rosetta Stone. I would use it, but dont really have the time right now to dedicate to it because they mention it will take years to form any type of fluency. That site can be reached here.
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