I'm Not Out to Win Any Popularity Contests

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Thanks for clarifying guys!

Sometimes we throw around the word heresy loosely, but in this case it appears that the owner of the board is underneath a group that defines FV as such. That being that case, there is nothing else to do but disallow FVers from the board.

Therefore, amen to the decision! Sorry you have to make these sorts of decisions Moderators.....it must be hard (or it should be hard and grievous...if it isn't hard and grievous, then you need to look inward).

Whether these FV guys are hellbound heretics is another matter (if they are consistent it appears that they are hellbound for the sake of not believing in justification by faith..but I pray that they are only caught up in a fad and do not truly believe all of the implications).

Let us pray for all of those who are drawn to this movement. If God can raise the dead than he can certainly convince people of their errors.
The problem is whether or not actual FVs are being sent down the street or also those who are, shall we say, "sympathetic" to at least some of their concerns.

FV people should be thrown out of our midst because they embrace heresy. (This of course is not to say that they do not have non heretical rocks properly aimed at parts of contemporary Calvinism)

The problem is what to do with those who embrace the historic Reformed view where FV does not but yet are sympathetic to FV. (Baby and bathwater story seems appropriate)

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