Illegitimate Children

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Let me say publically that I wasn't thinking you were suggesting not smiling at the baby, I was putting that in as an exaggerated outgrowth of the shame concept. I didn't detect anything harsh or unloving in your post and am often edified by what you have written as well as your thoughtfulness in posting.

In the case of a girl still living with her boyfriend, a visiting girl, I would think that the women of the church wouldn't be in the habit of showers for everyone who darkens the door of the church so that should be a simple matter. And, likely what she needs is for women one at a time to come along side her in her new motherhood as well as coming alongside as one does with unsaved visitors and the young and inexperienced in general.
I’m not sure being “different” than the world is our criteria for action on every level. The world eats, sleeps, works as do we, there are many things we do the same, though surely with a different spirit and motive. Honestly, the world isn’t excited about the pregnant girl either, they’d rather she aborted a long time ago, and just because the Victorians and our parents were more shame focused doesn’t mean that is the truly biblical way to respond. (not saying you are suggesting such, just know that this seems to be where some of our thinking comes from.)

At the end of the day, with regard to shame, it is a dish I think best served up by the holy spirit who alone can regenerate the conscience. Better I think to speak the truth in love, which does include, in its correct time and place, when asked, that yes, we believe that all creatures are called to obey God and turn to God and that His way alone is right. I trust the minister from the pulpit and all who are asked, speak faithfully the law of God as well as the Grace of God. Remember the world can do the shame part out of its own motives, but the people of God ALONE can speak of his wondrous grace available to “whosoever will.”

On the front of parties and bows, I’m not a fan of “that mentality” regardless of the circumstances so certainly I don’t think a frothy rah rah party would be in order. By all means sister Jessi, try to weed that out of the ladies at church (-: for whatever the reason with your sober minded gentle spirit.

Susan Nye Ferrell- Member Sovereign Redeemer OPC Boise Idaho :tumbleweed:
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