If at PCA GA 2019, a deal for you

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RHB has agreed to sell some of the Westminster Letter Press broadsides of The Solemn League and Covenant (2009) if you are into frame-able Presbyterian print art. See the Facebook note below for a description. This was too hard an item to sell via the mail given its size and delicacy so maybe this will put copies to some homes. Those who have one can brag on yours here if you like. See it at the Reformation Heritage Booth in the exhibit hall during PCA GA, June 24-28, 2019 next week. Also, at the GPTS booth there will be a give away of some copies of the 2018 issue of The Confessional Presbyterian journal.
Bump. 26 and only 26 of these going for half price of $65 beginning tomorrow at the GRN conference and then at the RHB booth in the exhibit hall and PCA GA in Dallas.
Bump again because these pieces are incredible. The price that Chris is asking make these an absolute no brainer. Don't miss these while we have them in Dallas.
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