Hugh Latimer on the Sword of the Spirit

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For my birthday, I just scored some great books. In the haul was Thomas Boston's works (Tentmaker), an 1831 printing of Fisher's Catechism (the original edition without the American amendments), and an early 1900's printing of Hugh Latimer's sermons. I am quite excited about these.
Tomorrow marks 464 years since Latimer and Ridley were martyred for the Gospel. In light of tomorrow, the following seems appropriate:

A Sermon made by M. Hugh Latimer, at the time of the insurrection in the north, which was in the twenty — seventh year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth, Ann. Dom. 1535, upon the Epistle read in the Church the twenty-first Sunday after Trinity Sunday, taken out of the sixth chapter of the Epistle of St Paul to the Ephesians.

"“And the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Lo, St Paul teacheth you battle; to take in your left hand the shield of faith, to defend and bear off the darts of the devil, and in the other hand a sword to strike with against the enemy: for a good man of war may not stand against, and defend only, but also strike against his enemy. So St Paul giveth us here a sword, “The word of God.” For this sword is it that beateth this great captain, our enemy. Christ himself gave us ensample to fight with this sword; for he answered the devil with the scripture, and said, “It is written.” With this sword he drave away the devil: and so let us break his head with this sword, the true word of God, and not with any word of the bishop of Rome’s making; not with his old learning, nor his new learning, but with the pure word of God.

The time passeth: I will therefore make an end. Let us fight manfully, and not cease; for no man is crowned or rewarded but in the end. We must therefore fight continually, and with this sword; and thus armed, and we shall receive the reward of victory. And thus the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all your spirits. Amen."

You can read this sermon at:
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