Howdy from Carolina !

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I was real glad to find this forum. I grew up in the OPC, spent 15 years in the PCA in Colleyville, TX and Park Cities PCA in Dallas.

Am now back in the OPC here in Raleigh, NC

Married to a wonderful God-fearing woman (Judy) who's dad is an OPC minister. Been a Deacon at Pilgrim Pres since February 2005. My wife and I have four wonderful children - Katie, Danny, Andy and Becky.

Looking forward to a rich, encouraging experience at this forum.


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Oh"”another Presbyterian deacon. Hmmmm... those guys!

We're running low on our quota of new Baptist immigrants.


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:welcome:, Bob :handshake:

I'm a bit farther south and west of you, in the Charlotte area. I know VirginiaHuguenot (who has been to your church) above.


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Bob, it is good to see you here at the Puritan Board!

I just noticed this today. I have not been around here much lately due to all the traveling and things with work.

You and Judy were a great blessing to my family last week.

I hope you find this online community of brethren as helpful as I have. Your contributions here will be much appreciated.



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Thanks everyone.

Hey Chris, you got my number. Let us know if there's anything we can do for ya when you get down here. We'd like to have you guys over for dinner. Judy would like to bring dinner over for ya's. Would like to see ya at Pilgrim, but will certainly understand if you guys want to shop the market when you get here.

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