How to reflect upon the reading of Scripture

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An excellent aid to thinking on God's word for this Lord's Day:

"The reflection upon reading Scripture consists in:

1. Joyfully giving thanks that the Lord has permitted his word to be recorded, that we may have it in our homes, that we can and were privileged to read it, and that it was applied to our heart;

2. Painstakingly striving to preserve this good spiritual frame which is obtained by reading God's word;

3. Meditating while engaged in one's occupation upon that which one has read, repeatedly seeking to focus his thoughts upon it;

4. Sharing with others what was read, whenever possible, and discussing it;

5. Especially striving to comply with what was read by bringing it into practice.

If the Holy Scriptures were used in such a fashion, what wonderful progress we would make in both knowledge and godliness! Children would soon become young men, and young men would soon become men in Christ Jesus."

--Wilhelmus a Brakel, The Christian's Reasonable Service (I:81)
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