How many kids do you have?

Discussion in 'Family Forum' started by MLCOPE2, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    Is it really that easy to adopt in the US? You are blessed in that, this country especially for Christians it seems to be made harder and harder (not that we've actually tried - I'm going by what one reads)
  2. JonathanHunt

    JonathanHunt Puritan Board Senior

    you eat your children???

    I insert some lightheartedness here to cover the pain that this subject still causes me. I have one step-son and one daughter (I sort of hope it was a girl) in Heaven.
  3. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    It is a blessing to be able to see it like that. I also (besides the blessing of three here and now) have one in Heaven,- boy or girl, I look to find out one day
  4. ac7k

    ac7k Puritan Board Freshman

    2... 1 boy, 1 girl... wife had awful pregnancies, got very sick... so we are done. May adopt later...
  5. JOwen

    JOwen Puritan Board Junior

    8. Six boys, two girls. Oldest is 14, youngest is 3. We also lost #9 four months into the pregnancy. We would welcome another blessing if the Lord would give us one.
    Last edited: May 1, 2010
  6. KMK

    KMK Administrator Staff Member

    'Easy' is a relative term. Any way you do it children are a messy business. They knock your whole life off kilter. Our fourth biological child was in and out of the hospital for the first year and a half of his life. No one was sure he was going to make it. By comparison, my two foster/adoptive children are 'easy'.

    Bottom line is I can't recommend local fostering and adopting enough.
  7. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    I think in my state that if you adopt a minority baby or a baby with special needs or an older child, you could do it for free/cheap and pretty quickly through social services. If you go through a private agency (and there are Christian agencies which are probably less intimidating to those who share our worldview) you will be paying around at least $19,000 US dollars (no idea what that equals in euros, but for my family that'd be like 44% of our income). The benefit of the agency is that they do a lot of the work for you, which is intimidating to me. Some see as a benefit of an agency the ability to be chosen by the birth parents, and I imagine you could choose the sex, race, etc of a baby. You'd just have to wait for the agency to have that kind of baby available.

    My best friend and her husband had been raising money to cover an agency adoption for over a year, and they had been "picked" several times by bio families that ended up keeping their babies (praise the Lord for their change of heart and hopefully they will come to know Him and raise their kids within the Covenant!). They finally got chosen by another bio-mom and were waiting on a little boy. At the same time, a teenage family member got pregnant and asked them to adopt her son. They decided to adopt both, if both bio-moms would go through with it in the end. Both did, and they now have two newborns (born within four days of each other!). One is black and one is white! I know that their whole lives their story will bring glory to God and be a testimony to God's (and their parents') faithfulness! Now my best friend and her husband have four kids age four and under. Two biological girls and two adopted newborns baby boys! They are a huge inspiration to me and my husband.

    We were approached by someone last winter about adopting a baby and we decided to do it, but the bio-mom changed her mind.
    I am sure things like that are common in every country, and there are certainly many, many struggles involved with adopting (follow KMK's prayer requests and your heart will smile at the difficulties that loving, godly people will welcome in order to keep kids in the fold), but it is quite possible to adopt in the States. It just takes perseverance and God's strength.
  8. jwithnell

    jwithnell Moderator Staff Member

    I thought about a half-dozen kids sounded about right and the Lord gave us 5.
  9. TimV

    TimV Puritanboard Botanist

    7, with two grandkids expected this year. I would also like more if I am fortunate enough to marry again, and she's of childbearing age.

    And marital status.
  10. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    with fava beans...
  11. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    and sauerkraut?

    (thanks, facebook)
  12. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    haahhahahaha...awesome, joshua!
  13. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    "...retreats back into his cave..."

  14. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    does sound as if it's easier with you - by easier of course I wasn't meaning "less hard work/heartache" . I've heard of people who were desperate to find a child they would be allowed to adopt, but it was impossible. It's notorious that in Britain there just aren't any newborns to speak of up for adoption any more (abortion of course) but in any case, local authorities turn couples down because they're too old, or too fat, or too serious about religion, or don't want to sign an agreement never to smack the child. As for the idea of a white couple being allowed to adopt a coloured baby......forget it!!!

    ---------- Post added at 10:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 PM ----------

    In Britain fostering is fraught with difficulties too.
    There was a case not long since of someone who had been fostering successfully for years, until she made the mistake of allowing a teenage muslim girl in her care to convert to Christianity. As in, she wasn't instrumental in it, it simply happened under her roof. The teenager herself testified that it was her own idea entirely, but the foster mother was still removed from the register.
  15. JonathanHunt

    JonathanHunt Puritan Board Senior

    You got any chianti in there....

  16. John Lanier

    John Lanier Puritan Board Junior

    We have 1 and seem at this point unable to have any more even though our desire is to add more. The Lord is sovereign and we are thankful for the one that we do have. We pray continually for more but the Lord's will be done and may He receive glory.
  17. Brian Withnell

    Brian Withnell Puritan Board Junior

    I hope the anniversary was blessed and happy ... perhaps fruitful? :lol:

    ---------- Post added at 10:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:02 PM ----------

    The more I've had, the more I love children, but I would be truly gravely concerned for Jean's health if she were to get pregnant again. The last two gave her problems that linger even now. The first three she didn't cause any problems for her (inside joke to those that know us.)
  18. dyarashus

    dyarashus Puritan Board Freshman

    I struggle with questions about this. Do I answer for the seven that are asleep in bed? For the eight that were born alive, that we had some chance to love, though one died young? What about the the several other souls who were conceived and miscarried? When the pain of loss is still sharp, it's a surprisingly hard question.
  19. RTaron

    RTaron The Grandpa (Affectionately Called)

    We have nine living and lost one during pregnancy.
    3 boys, 6 girls.
    plus 4 grand kids. :)
    The Lord is gracious, they all have good professions of faith in Christ.
  20. AThornquist

    AThornquist Puritan Board Doctor

    I am looking forward to what I hope to have, so I put 10+. Once we get into the 12 or 13 range we might get serious and decide when to stop at some point down the line.

  21. Andres

    Andres Puritan Board Doctor

    My man Thornquist, speaking it in faith. Claim it brother! Now all you need to do is sow your faith seed offering
  22. KMK

    KMK Administrator Staff Member

    It is interesting that when God doubled the wealth of Job, he gave him twice as many livestock as he had before his trial, but gave him the exact same number of children. God apparently did not see the need for providing Job with double the children like he did livestock. I believe this shows us that children are a blessing from God even when God takes them early.
  23. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    absolutely - he was given double, because those taken from him had only been taken temporarily. It's an awesome assurance of meeting with them again
  24. waynedawg

    waynedawg Puritan Board Freshman

    Three -

  25. MLCOPE2

    MLCOPE2 Puritan Board Junior

    No one has 7 kids? Well my wife and I will be there come October. It is great to see how many families God has blessed with multiple children. I pray that those who don't share that same joy one day will.
  26. PuritanCovenanter

    PuritanCovenanter Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats on the Churches ceremonies today. Woo Hoo. Immanuel is a Major thing.

    Believe me. Down here in Indy at 2nd RP you have been outdone. LOL. Only 7? LOL
  27. TimV

    TimV Puritanboard Botanist

    I thought I had 7?
  28. Mindaboo

    Mindaboo Puritan Board Graduate

    We have four: Taylor Dannielle (16), William Bradford (14), Leah Damaris (10), and Julia Michal (9). Those are just the biological babes. The Lord has given us a neighborhood full of kids that spend a majority of their time here and a church full of covenant babies that we love and consider our family. Our home is always full of children, even though they aren't all ours we love them like they are. Some days in the summer we have up to 20 extras and it seems normal. :lol:
  29. TimV

    TimV Puritanboard Botanist

    Great work, Mindy.
  30. Mindaboo

    Mindaboo Puritan Board Graduate

    That is AWESOME that they have all made a profession of faith! The Lord is good!
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