How do you say thank you

Discussion in 'FAQ & Rules' started by (^^)Regin, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. (^^)Regin

    (^^)Regin Puritan Board Freshman


    I'm sorry I can't find any tutorial or category that will fit this questions... I saw two people from my intro post saying thank you, I like to know how to do that :)

  2. Curt

    Curt Puritan Board Graduate

    You can't do it yet. Be patient, grasshopper.
  3. (^^)Regin

    (^^)Regin Puritan Board Freshman

    Got it :)

    :up: :D
  4. Jimmy the Greek

    Jimmy the Greek Puritan Board Senior

    You need to have a certain number of posts before the "Thank you" button appears for you. As I recall, it's a small number of posts, something like 20, but I can't remember for sure.
  5. (^^)Regin

    (^^)Regin Puritan Board Freshman

    Thank you

    Say if everyone keeps on replying to this tread I may hit 20 post in no time :D
  6. Berean

    Berean Puritanboard Commissioner

    Been there, done that. This is an area where we can help you out. How's the weather there? :lol:
  7. awretchsavedbygrace

    awretchsavedbygrace Puritan Board Sophomore

    (we can keep posting till you get there, If you promise to thank me on every post I write from now on. Just dont tell any of the moderators. Especially Joshua)

    So...come here often?:popcorn:
  8. ewenlin

    ewenlin Puritan Board Junior

    This has got to be the most frequently asked question on PB.
  9. Berean

    Berean Puritanboard Commissioner

    Josh is away at a special Texas Synod on business. :cheers: :cheers:

    When the moment is right you will see [​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2009
  10. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Actually, I believe it's 15. Reply to this and you'll have it. :)
  11. A.J.

    A.J. Puritan Board Junior

    The Puritan Board FAQ page states,

    -----Added 9/19/2009 at 07:21:57 EST-----

  12. wmc1982

    wmc1982 Puritan Board Freshman

    it's a good problem
  13. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

    Looks like one more post and you'll be able to hand out some 'Thanks'. I believe there is a limit over certain time periods; I've seen folks complain about running out although I've never had that problem.
  14. Scottish Lass

    Scottish Lass Puritan Board Doctor

    The limit is around twenty, I think. I ran into it when we announced our pregnancy and it took me a couple days to thank everyone! :)
  15. (^^)Regin

    (^^)Regin Puritan Board Freshman

    waaaaat!? 20 thank you only? :(

    O man!? I was so happy clicking thank you to everyone until I read this :( so much for 'Thank you' trigger happiness

  16. Andres

    Andres Puritan Board Doctor

    Is it 20 a day? A week? How long before they "refill"?
  17. Scottish Lass

    Scottish Lass Puritan Board Doctor

    I believe it's roughly 20 a day. Generally the next day, I have more.
  18. (^^)Regin

    (^^)Regin Puritan Board Freshman

    Summer is over :) I can save money by not turning on the AC :)
  19. Mark Hettler

    Mark Hettler Puritan Board Freshman

    A limit on thankfulness? Is that scriptural?
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