How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Discussion in 'The Iron Chef' started by Ryan&Amber2013, Nov 16, 2018.

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  1. Ryan&Amber2013

    Ryan&Amber2013 Puritan Board Junior

    I'm new to coffee drinking and have been experimenting with different variations. On my diet I was doing just black or with a little cream.

    Overall, I'm leaning more towards a dark roast with heavy whipping cream, and a little bit of sugar. I'm the kind of person who likes to sip on coffee around a table while conversing with friends and family, so I don't really drink it for a caffeine rush.

    What's your favorite combination?
  2. Reformed Covenanter

    Reformed Covenanter Puritanboard Commissioner

    I prefer covfefe. :coffee:;)
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  3. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Puritan Board Graduate

    Straight black. Since rushing around most mornings my tolerance has lowered. My family and I typically drink a lighter roast. If I can't shake feelings of falling asleep, I then seek out the strongest. Taste is good but, I couldn't handle it all the time.
  4. TheInquirer

    TheInquirer Puritan Board Freshman

    All black, all the time. After experimenting with many forms of brewing over the years (various drip makers, French press, Aero press, espresso), I prefer using a Keurig machine while filling my own coffee blends (dark roasts) in reusable K cups. This tends to produce coffee that is richer than typical drip coffee makers but is still fairly quick to make. More of an Americano.
  5. ZackF

    ZackF Puritan Board Graduate

    Everywhere between black and bulletproof. I never use any kind of sweetener but combinations of MCT oil, coconut oil, Heavy Cream, H&H (if no heavy cream available), and unsalted butter are on the table. :)
  6. Southern Presbyterian

    Southern Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    I think I just threw up a little in back of my throat. :confused:
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  7. Joshua

    Joshua Administrator Staff Member

    With my mouth. Duh!
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  8. OPC'n

    OPC'n Puritan Board Doctor

    3/4 coffee and 1/4 heavy cream with some sugar
  9. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

    Cold and sweet. (Vanilla Eiskaffee). Buy it in the store, or make it with hot black coffee and vanilla ice cream. I'm drinking a glass of it now.
  10. C. Matthew McMahon

    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

    Nespresso. I haven't tried anything better, even in expensive Italian Restaurants. Its amazing.

    I bought a DeLonghi Nespresso machine about 10 years ago. Never a problem, always hot, and it makes both cappuccino and espresso, and has an attachment for milk and frothing.

    I use Stevia drops for my sweetener, and use a little coconut natural creamer.

    I used to be a Starbucks junkie, and DD junkie, when I worked in FLORIDA years ago. But the Nespresso machine is just so much better at every level.
  11. timfost

    timfost Puritan Board Senior

    Starbucks whole bean coffee ground in hand grinder immediately before it goes in the French press for 3.5 minutes. Half and half to follow. Good coffee needs no sugar, in my opinion.

    My wife likes drip coffee better so I make it that way for her. She likes to remind me that it's biblical for the husband to make the coffee. You know, from the book He-brews. ;)
  12. JimmyH

    JimmyH Puritan Board Junior

    When I was a young fellow it was percolator coffee with cream & sugar, until I discovered drip. Cream and sugar continued until about thirty years ago and I quit the sugar.
    I also quit the cream for maybe 20 years but began using milk with my coffee a few years ago.
    I've tried the French Press, and it is alright, but I chose the easier softer way. I grind beans just before using a Melitta pour over porcelain brewer. Three cups in the morning and that is it for me.
  13. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    Bullet-proof it! Put Butter and MCT oil in it and skip breakfast and don't eat anything until lunch.
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  14. Puritan Sailor

    Puritan Sailor Puritan Board Doctor

    Always dark and black. Occasionally with a pinch of salt if the tap water is hard.
  15. hammondjones

    hammondjones Puritan Board Sophomore

    Whatever is brewed at work, though darker is better. I will use whole, 2%, and half and half, in that order, but not skim. Half the reason I use milk is to cool it down. I drink it to wake up, for headaches, and to have a reason to get away from my cage, I mean desk.
  16. Edm

    Edm Puritan Board Freshman

    I drank it black. And a good bit of it. Ive been off coffee now for one year next month and don’t miss it one bit. It was causing really bad reflux issues for me. I have now switched to tea when I want something. And I drink that straight black also.
  17. Cedarbay

    Cedarbay Puritan Board Freshman

    My gut can tolerate about a cup a day. I learned that dark roast has better flavor and less caffeine so that's what we drink. I prefer organic. The french press is a bit of a hassle yet seems to give a richer, full bodied cup. Staying away from dairy products so I use full fat coconut milk/cream. If I make tea, I like to use bulk, fresh and put it in a stainless steel strainer. Delicious!
  18. Tom Hart

    Tom Hart Puritan Board Senior

    I'm not an enthusiastic coffee drinker, but whenever I order coffee it's always the same: latte, no sugar. Iced in summer. I can barely tolerate black coffee for its bitterness. Even worse are the more elaborate menu items as they're always far too sweet.

    Usually I drink tea at home. Taylor's of Harrogate is my preferred brand. Drunk with a little milk and no sugar.
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  19. jwithnell

    jwithnell Moderator Staff Member

    I froth milk and add a dark roast brewed as strong as possible in a Keurig. I add a quick dash of cinnamon and view sugar in coffee as a commie plot. My favorite is the same combo but making Lavazza espresso in a Moka pot.
  20. Stephen L Smith

    Stephen L Smith Moderator Staff Member

    In my country we are not allowed to whip children. So if the cream gets 'naughty' we would have to think of other ways to discipine it :)
  21. Scott Bushey

    Scott Bushey Puritanboard Commissioner

    Here's another vote for Bullet proof!
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  22. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    12 cup stovetop percolator, packed full with dark roast fresh ground beans. Boil it for about twice as long as the aficionados recommend, or whenever you come back to check on it.

    My wife and I drink it straight. It cures headaches and cleans the arteries (I think). It probably kills bugs, too, but we drink it all and haven't tried.
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  23. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

    Clearly not approved to immigrate into the Confederacy. Tea should be consumed sweet and iced. Arnold Palmers are acceptable for afternoon refreshment.
  24. ZackF

    ZackF Puritan Board Graduate

    Foul. Utterly foul. Other than getting into the baking chocolate one of my earliest and worst memories of gagging over something was on a stay with some Southern relatives. I was thirsty and poured myself some iced 'tea' from what I could tell. Took a few quick gulps and lost it all just as fast. Since then I still don't get it. It's so bad you can almost stand up a spoon in it.
  25. Ask Mr. Religion

    Ask Mr. Religion Flatly Unflappable

    Same for me.

    I do think Keurig's own insert does a better job than the off-brand resusable K-cups:

    Its design is such that the hot water lingers more inside the insert yielding a more flavorful brew.

    The Amazon listing is about $10 cheaper than the same item sold in the local grocery, too. ;)
  26. Von

    Von Puritan Board Freshman

    I'm boring:
    Instant coffee with milk and two sugars... And preferably decaf after 16h00!
  27. G

    G Puritan Board Junior

    BLACK with Toby on a nice chill morning.:detective:

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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  28. TheOldCourse

    TheOldCourse Puritan Board Sophomore

    I'm not a big coffee drinker since caffeine doesn't really have an effect on me. If my wife didn't drink it (and that's on pause during pregnancy due to GI issues for her) I probably wouldn't ever have any. I do enjoy cold-brewed ice coffee in the summer months with some vanilla creamer. I also like a good frappucino from Starbucks--certainly not the most masculine way to drink coffee, but hey, I'm from Seattle.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
  29. RobertPGH1981

    RobertPGH1981 Puritan Board Freshman

    I drink coffee black and lean towards cold brew. The Mayorga coffee beans sold at Costco isn't a bad brand. I do prefer buying the beans and grinding at home rather than having them preground at the store, or in the bag.
  30. Joshua

    Joshua Administrator Staff Member

    I see lots of evasive "answers."
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