Homosexual 'Marriage' in Australia

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Stephen L Smith

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I thought this article in the Melbourne Age might be of some interest. It sent shudders up my spine! Firstly, if someone suffers from a genuine mental illness, I am the first to sympathise. But this sympathy must be rooted in the gospel not some fantasy. Secondly, the battle is starting to reduce Christian freedoms through propaganda. Third, I understand most Australians and Kiwis would still regard Pedophilia as evil. The problem is that some authorities now regard Pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Therefore if one replaces LGBTQIA+ in this article with the word Pedophilia, would Australians and Kiwis find the arguments in this Melbourne Age article repulsive? Some food for thought.


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There has been talk of pedophilia legitimization here in the 'States, too. It should be the politicians who introduce and/or pass this stuff that are first in line for mental screening.

This is wicked and perverse. No matter what laws of this nature are passed, we must protect our families by all means necessary. Make no mistake, this stuff will be ram-rodded down our throats by a God-less magistrate and enforced by the sword.

While I'm not mentally/emotionally ready to deal with this yet, I am otherwise ready to defend the innocent from such as these and it will not turn out well for the offender.........


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What should we as Christians do about these types of things?

Is the Church powerless?

I am a little frustrated by what I see in our churches in America, we seem to be ignoring all the problems. I don’t know of a single church that is demanding that the people repent, fast and pray. I don’t see any ministers that seem to be bothered by the sin of our nation. Maybe it is just me.

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At our Church each week the Minister prays for God's guidance for our leader's in regards to all this. It was sad to see our Prime Minister on TV the other day give an address saying what a wonderful day it was for Gay's that they will be allowed to marry and how right it was. Sad day as an Aussie I have to say when I saw that.
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