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J.L. Allen

Puritan Board Sophomore
Has anyone seen this 1967 documentary? I believe it is public domain and can be watch on YouTube for free.

I would like to hear some thoughts on what in the world was going on in it. Demonic? Faking? Both?

If you haven’t seen it, take an hour or so and watch it. Rejoice, for RPW is a gift from God.


Puritan Board Junior
I'm a former Pentecostal. A lot of it is probably psychological. I don't doubt some may be demonic. If anything, God didn't author it. Leaving it behind hasn't hurt my sanctification too badly :) Some of the antics you find in extreme Charismatic circles also appear in some Eastern religions, like the uncontrollable twitching. You'd be amazed at what things you can get people to experience by proper staging. The sensations you feel in such situations can be so powerful that you are convinced that something supernatural is happening or is about to happen.

I remember Reinhard Bonnke coming to a church I attended. With the expectations he built up and the way the music was carried out, I was persuaded beyond any doubt we were going to see some dramatic healings and the Holy Spirit was going to do some mighty things. Some people claimed healings, not for anything which you could instantly verify. So, it ended in disappointment.

I had been in a meeting where Todd Bentley from the Lakeland Revival was "preaching". What was frightening there, I didn't believe for a moment this man was the real thing and I still had to fight the urge to participate in the charismatic antics he was getting people to do.

I have a personal policy of avoiding such meetings now :)
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