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I have an interesting story. I'm currently a 17 year old guy, and I attend an all-male prep school. I was raised in a Muslim family, but started questioning Islam at the age of 13. At that point, I became a Deist. Over the next 3 years. I studied the 3 major religions. (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) After a lot of thought and prayer, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 2 years ago. My parents certainly aren’t happy about it, and they've made it clear to me that while I'm living with them, I may not attend church. I'm the only Christian in my entire family, and it can be very hard sometimes. I'll be able to start attending church when I'm 18, and in college. I am a Reformed Anglican. I believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God. I subscribe to the Apostles and Nicene Creeds, the 39 Articles of Religion, and the 3 Forms of Unity. My favorite Classical Reformed theologians are Charles Hodge, J.C Ryle, and Jonathan Edwards. My favorite modern theologian is Dr. Gordon H. Clark. (I don't understand why he's not more well known. Clark was brilliant) I absolutely love learning, and am very strong academically. (I especially like studying politics, theology, philosophy, and classics) I'm a very anti-modern person. I'm a staunch Paleoconservative politically, and a strong supporter of traditional gender roles. I do a ton of reading in my spare time, and don't watch any TV. (There’s nothing worth watching on it these days) I listen to my Red Sox play every night on the radio. I've joined PB because as I said before, I'm not currently able to attend church, and I don't have any Reformed friends or mentors. I hope I have a lot of great conversations here!


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Greetings. You might find the Wading Pool sub forum useful if you have questions for which you seek answers from pastors and elders; other forums may give a broader response. We do have at least one Anglican active of the board.


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Welcome to the PB! You'll find good fellowship and godly folks here.

Sounds like you've walked quite a challenging road in coming to know the Lord; and I commend you for honoring your parents insofar as you can. Holiness and humility can speak volumes to them of the Christ you love.

I've prayed for you and will continue to do so. May the Lord grant you his strength to walk and witness faithfully to your family; and may he grant you a strong, Christ-exalting church to join in due season.

Grace to you.


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As you stated ,it's an interesting story. May the Lord deepen your experience of Him to strengthen for the opposition you are having.

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Greetings. I attend an Anglican congregation, which was the most overtly Reformed option in my locality when I was looking for a church. :)


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Thanks for sharing your story - it is a wonderful testament to God's grace! I trust that His grace will also provide clear direction for you as you go forward.
Welcome to the PB!

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Welcome, brother—from a Jew whom the Lord converted to Himself. He seeks wide and far to gather His lost sheep, written in the Lamb's book of life from all eternity.


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You might love this book. Ryle was a bishop in the Church of England/Anglicans. He had to often stand alone against liberalism and ritualism. If he is one of your faves I guess you know that! I started reading it this summer and am almost finished. The author, Iain Murray, is a wonderful biographer and has some other good books out there on various people inc. Edwards. By the way, welcome!!!!
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