Hey folks! :)

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Puritan Board Freshman
Looking forward to getting to know this community. I'm drifting away from Facebook/Google+ as a forum for theological topics. Looking for something a little more serious. I think I've found it.

I'm OPC (as the signature indicates), living in Middle Tennessee with my wife and three children. I enjoy computers, theology, chess, and stuffing a tobacco pipe and enjoying some Scotch or Bourbon. Of course, I don't do all of those things at once.

I worked as a juvenile corrections officer for six years, and now I'm a commissioned author. I recently completed my associates degree and currently working towards my bachelors.

Pleasure to be here brothers and sisters, and look forward to conversing and reading here!


Puritan Board Sophomore
We are pleased to have you join us, Richard! This is a wonderful place to discuss the deeper things of God and we look forward to interacting with you.
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