help with John Calvin comments on John 19:25

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Hello All

I am currently studying this passage. I am studying with John Calvin's commentary. I have just read these words. Yet, if we attend to the time and place when these things happened, Christ’s affection for his mother was worthy of admiration. I say nothing about the severe tortures of his body; I say nothing about the reproaches which he suffered; but, though horrible blasphemies against God filled his mind with inconceivable grief, and though he sustained a dreadful contest with eternal death and with the devil, still, none of these things prevent him from being anxious about his mother. We may also learn from this passage, what is the honor which God, by the Law, commands us to render to parents, (Exodus 20:12.) Christ appoints the disciple to be his substitute, and charges him to support and take care of his mother; and hence it follows, that the honor which is due to parents consists, not in cold ceremony, 171 but in the discharge of all necessary duties. They are located here,Commentary on John - Volume 2 - Christian Classics Ethereal Library, though I am using a hard copy of his book. The issue is that at first glance, they seem like blasphemy. Especially where Calvin says that though Christ
but though horrible blasphemies against God filled his mind with inconceivable grief
Calvin could not have meant to speak evil of Christ. Please can someone explain this to me?


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Recast the sentence and it makes it easier to understand:

Christ's mind was filled with grief because of the horrible blasphemies committed against God.

Phil D.

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I believe Calvin is referring to the insults hurled by those involved in, or approving of Jesus' torture and crucifixion. In other words, Jesus was grieved by the horrible blaspheme against God that were uttered by those around Him.


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Calvin may also be mirroring 2 Peter in some sense.

2 Peter 2:7,8
And if He rescued righteous Lot, oppressed by the sensual conduct of unprincipled men
(for by what he saw and heard that righteous man, while living among them, felt his
righteous soul tormented day after day by their lawless deeds),


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Thanks all. It now makes a lot of sense. In hindsight, I probably was too dazed at the time of studying. It was about 01:50 am local time. I decided to do my bible study when I work up at about 12:45 and could not go back to sleep. Much appreciated.
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