Help this important work on the Sabbath get translated into English from Latin; two ways to help

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1. Become a NPSE Sponsor for 2020-2021

2. Or support with a small amount via the donorbox drive. There are levels to receive a copy on publication; otherwise it's "like to see this happen" support.

Over all cost needed to raise for just the translation is $6,000. We have NPSE sponsors so far cover $1,500 of that and we have just launced the donorbox drive which stands at the test amount of $10.00. As support comes in the full amount raised will be reflected at NPSE.

One of the titles proposed for 2020-21 for the second year of the Naphtali Press Special Editions series, is a first time translation into English of Gisbertus Voetius's Theses on the Sabbath and Feast Days, which is to be translated by David C. Noe. You can support this work by formally sponsoring NPSE for 2020-21 (sponsors get all titles published for 2020-21, are recognized in the front sponsor section of each, and receive the sponsor bookplate for each volume; US $199; Intl $299; translation sponsorship worldwide, $500). NPSE uses sponsorship to raise funds to create the new texts to publish, and the books are produced and sold via NP's copublisher Reformation Heritage Books. Sponsorships go toward the full 2020-21 year or also there are separate sponsorships to be a translation sponsor. This is a higher dollar sponsorship. NPSE has also set up a donorbox separate funding drive just for funding the translation where small amounts can add up to cover the significant cost to translate this work.

More information. Gisbertus Voetius, On the Sabbath and Feast Days. This is a proposed book project for the Naphtali Press Special Editions series year, 2020-2021. This will be a first time translation of De Sabbatho et Festis (1638). Not much by Voetius has been translated into English. This is an important work because Voetius was born in 1589, would have known men of the prior generation, was at Dort and clerked and issued its deliverances to print, and thus was well situated to canvas the Reformed view on this issue as it developed from the earlier days of the Reformed churches to 1638. The issue of the Sabbath, like in England and Scotland, was not without controversy, nor the companion issue of what to do with the old holy days of Roman Catholicism. If sufficiently funded, because of the complexity of this work, it will likely not be published until early 2022 unless the work proceeds a pace faster than anticipated. The translation will be done by David C. Noe.
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