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Still trying to learn the site. Is there a section where members offer books for sale?

Thanks in advance!
Yes; once you have 26 posts you will see a Let's do business forum in the private forums. If you need access right away we can bypass that.
Gotcha! I looked in vain for a long time! At least it wasn't my ignorance that caused me not to see it.

I can wait until I reach the required number of posts, that's no problem. I've got some duplicates that I thought I would sell for cheap. A few John Gill, Matthew Henry, etc.

Where is the appropriate place to ask questions and get advice about P&R authors, books, literature? Differences between editions, different editions, publishers, etc. I just posted a Matthew Henry commentary question, but not exactly sure if it was in the correct place.

Thanks fellow Texan!
Not open for further replies.