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Henry from Canada

Puritan Board Freshman

My name is Henry. I am new to the board.

I have been asked to introduce myself. My case is unusual.

I joined this board because I wanted to find a place to get some questions answered on Calvinist and Biblical issues. I have researched extensively, however, I still have questions.

I was initially rejected from here because I do not belong to a church.

Reasons I do not belong to a church:

1) I have no car. Therefore, it is difficult to get to a church.

2) I suffer from a permanent, disabling and potentially fatal illness. This illness causes bladder dysfunction, walking difficulties, fatigue, etc. This also makes it difficult to go to church. (I can not work.)

3) I also suffer from osteoporosis. This illness renders me susceptible to broken hips, etc. (I hope to overcome this illness by Dec 2006)

4) I have not yet located a suitable church. This seems odd to many people, but on many issues I believe that most churches are at odds with the Bible.
- women preachers
- divorced pastors
- men with long hair
- prophets with 50% accuracy
- falling backwards when prayed for
- teachings that God never hardens hearts

In my less disabled days, I checked out numerous churches.

There is a church 500 yards from my home. I don't think it is Calvinist, but I hope to check it out on a day when my energy levels improve.

I don't want to cause dissension in the group. If I don't belong, then just say so.

I would like to get some questions answered, however, if you don't want to, then no problem. I have overcome far greater obstacles.

Please don't let this reflect negatively on the person who approved my membership.



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Velkomen Glad to have you hear!!!

Im sorry to hear of your medical difficulties I will pray for you to recover.

In Christ,


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Poor Adam! :lol:

Cead Mile Failce, Henry! (That's 100,000 welcomes) I do hope you find what you are looking for here. And generally ppl aren't shy about answering questions here.


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Welcome, Henry! :)

LadyFlynt is right, people normally are quite good at answering questions here . . and the answers often get rather in-depth, with lots of referenced reading, so if you want to dig deeper, you can. :) Though a good-natured warning (you'll know what I mean if you read a couple of threads in the covenant theology / baptism forum) . . . beware of asking questions about baptism. :) You will get lots of answers, but those are some of the most heated debates on this board! :) (Don't be scared, though!)

(Does that count as an over-use of the ":)" face?)
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