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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to ask a question. Does anyone know the syntax for using unicode on the Puritan Board? On my blog it is:

bracketed "code"+&#x+hexadecimal code+;+bracketed "/code"

However, when I do that, and hit "Preview Post," I get something that looks like a quote box, only with the word "code" instead of "quote," and &#x+hexadecimal code inside the quote box.

I just learned how to use unicode, so, if there is something I am not aware of, it would not surprise me.

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When I want to post in Greek or Hebrew, I simply write in a unicode font in MS Word and then copy and paste. The board retains the formatting.

[FONT=&quot]הגהג כחכחדַ כללח[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]̔Ο λογός ῆν[/FONT]
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