"He commands us to be zealous for good and honorable actions." - Ludwig Lavater

Regi Addictissimus

Completely sold out to the King

“Remember,” shouts God, “to keep the Sabbath day holy.” Here He commands us to be zealous for good and honorable actions; to zealously frequent divine assemblies, especially on feast days, as well as on other days; to listen diligently to the Word of God; to use the sacraments; to join our prayers too with the public prayers; and as far as we are able, to bestow something on the poor. How truly great is the number of those who do not even care anything, even a little, about sacred assemblies and prayers! Is there any day, I ask, during the whole week on which a greater number of shameful deeds and more disgracefully shameful deeds are perpetrated than on that very day that should have especially been consecrated to God? Or, finally, on what days do we perceive more drunks staggering and tottering to and fro than on the Lord’s Day?
Ludwig Lavater. Disease, Scarcity, and Famine. Trans. Michael Hunter. Reformation Heritage Books. 2021​