Have You Seen the New APM Website?

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
A Puritan's Mind has been completely overhauled with new features, easier navigation and lots of new material. Truly, it is a place to aid us to "Search the Scriptures," John 5:39.

APM has undergone an enormous upgrade. Everything is new, except of course, my commitment to Jesus Christ and the Bible, and my commitment to Reformed Theology, the 1647 WCF and the Puritans.

With the rise of the new year, APM has introduced a huge amount of new material on the site, including the online sermon preparation course on expository preaching. If you are a minister of the Gospel, you don't want to miss that.

There are literally dozens of new articles, whole books (check out William Ames), and new sections to the site that I found were needed in expanding the theological reach of APM. I wanted to focus on some important topics like expository preaching (the only true kind of biblical preaching), pastoral considerations (such as the office and calling of the minister), pastoral theology (in preaching and praying), and the like. Also, I had a desire to expand the grace portion of the site. We always need more books, articles and exhortations on the doctrines of grace.

The Pastoral Theology and Expository Preaching section is all new, including a page dedicated to video work on the pastoral office which will expand with time. Currently we have 11 videos online at that page, and another 20+ coming in the next two months. I've evaluated and written articles on the major pastoral theology books (15 articles so far) which, in my estimation, make up the most important works on the subject. And Puritan Publications will be working on a couple of important books on pastoral theology in the near future that have been out of print for generations. All you ministers keep an eye out.

All of the main pages have been updated and restructured, such as TULIP and the Doctrines of Grace, with new material on Calvinism and the early church fathers. There is a new Ordo Salutis page that deals with Scripture and the historic confessions on the order of salvation. There is also a new page dedicated to questions that churches should ask pastoral candidates (and we will be creating one for candidates to ask churches). We've updated all the puritans biographies on the site, linked to all their books and works everywhere online, including all our updated and modernized works which are available at our other new site: Puritan Publications.

This has been a long painstaking process, but well worth it in every way. I hope you enjoy studying at APM as much as I enjoy continuing to make it more expansive in understanding Scripture, and the theology of the Puritans and Reformers. It is my desire to see Reformed thought transform the lives of people all over the globe for the glory of God.

Take a moment to check out all the new updates, and may the Lord bless you as you study Scripture with an earnest desire to know Jesus Christ more deeply. My prayer is that you come away with A Puritan's Mind.

- Dr. Matt


Puritan Board Freshman
Matthew this new version of A Puritan's Mind is awesome thanks for that this is truly a blessing, also I really like the preaching help area thanks again God Bless (I posted this on Linkedin)
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