Happy Birthday Randy!

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Hey brother Randy (PuritanCovenanter) . Happy, happy birthday to you! I pray the Lord will shower you with extra blessings today. Cheers.


Happy Birthday, Randy!! God bless you this day and forever! YOU are a blessing to me!

Looking forward to meeting you in June!


Many happy returns of the day, Randy!



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Happy birthday, Randy. May the Lord continue to bless you with many years of health and His goodness. I wish we were all there to make a toast to you. :cheers2:


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Thanks guys.

I just sent this out in an email to some of my buddies.


This is my Mommy. 45 years ago she went through a lot to make sure I arrived in a joyful manner.
She poured out her soul in much affliction and joy to see my face for the first time on Febuary 5, 1963.
During the years that my character was formed she planted a place deep in my heart that only she can fill.
It is a place where I learned to trust and be secure. I have violated that trust often against her. She suffered many tears at the hands from those whom she should never had been wrong by.
But she kept on doing the right thing. She aint perfect but she is best person right next to my Grandmother and Grandpa I have ever known.

I haven't always done the right thing. I have taken my pain and learned to abuse myself and others because of bitterness. But She Never Did that. She struggled with bitterness but let her love and good character guide her.
Now she has been the mainstay for my my three bundles joy. And they love her so much for it.
Some say birthdays are for the children. And I agree to some degree. We should always celebrate the young. But I also believe that birthdays should be for reflection, rememberance, praise, thanksgiving, and celebration for the true workers of such a beautiful thing.

Mom Thanks for my life. I really really really love my life and it is because of You. I would have destroyed it by now if it was up to me alone. God knew I would need a Mommy like you. And I am grateful.


This is my Dad and one of my boys. Growing up he was my hero. He took me everywhere he went with him.
In my eyes he could do no wrong. All the neighborhood kids loved him. He was the coolest Dad in the area.
He played sports with the boys of the neighborhood. He coached the little league teams. And he was a race car driver.
My Dad didn't cuss or drink alcohol. He taught me to play fair and never cheat. Good Sportsmanship was the most important thing whenever one was competing. He also taught me to never judge anyone by the color of there skin or outward appearances.

In my teen years we both kinda lost our way. But God in his providence chose to create paths for us that would reveal His love for sinners. We both became Christians in my later teen years and that same love we had for each other just reblossumed. He put a lot of good teaching in my heart as a youngster that can never be taken away from me. And I am passing it on to my boys. He is still my hero and my boys look up to him and respect him more than they do me sometimes. And sometimes that is a good thing. He is helping me teach my boys about Christ and the importance of doing God's will. God is using him to develop my three boys into good young men. When things get a bit out of accord between me and my boys, my Dad is able to step in and put us all back into a right perspective.

He is still my hero. And I love him so much. Thanks Dad, I love you and I really really really love my life. Thanks for loving me.

Thanks for my life,
Randy Martin Snyder

Anyways.... We have had the flu going around here so I have been very puny.

Thanks for the warm Birthday wishes guys.

BTW, It is Stephen Owens birthday also. Martin Marprelate
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