Hacking Attempt On My Google Account

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This morning I was notified that someone in Kosovo Serbia attempted to log into my Google account. I'm in the USA and have never been to Serbia, nor do I know anyone there. Of course I changed my password immediately. It was a weak password so the attempt spurred me to create a strong one to replace it. Anyhow, be careful out there in cyberspace.
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My husband is in computers full time. His company, in addition to the best firewalls money can buy, has little gadgets for every employee with passwords to get into the system that change every minute.

If a hacker really wants to get in, a stronger password won't save you. Because you are a regular person and not a cyber currency exchange with millions of dollars to steal, it hopefully will make them move on to greener pastures. But mentally, you must assume you could be hacked and destroyed, and need to be sure to back up anything important.

Hub always says that anything can be hacked and probably will be. Nations like China have full time military divisions devoted just to cyber warfare, and when WW111 starts anything can go down. For this reason I am a "prepper" to some extent. ( The real ones live on self sufficient ranches out west). The grid can go down, the banks can go down, the food stores can go down, anything can go down. It is wise to be ready for disruptions and to be able to get by for a while if all computer systems go down. And on a personal level, be ready to lose your own.
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