Gregory of Nyssa on avoiding sensual spectacles

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For such a man shows his profligacy in everything so that everyone readily recognizes the life of the profligate and the life of the pure man by what is valued in each one’s household. In the house of the one there are frescoes on the wall which by their artful pictures inflame the sensual passions. These things bring out the nature of the illness, and through the eye passion pours in upon the soul from the dishonorable things which are seen. But in the house of the prudent man there is every precaution and foresight to keep the eye pure from sensual spectacles.

For the reference, see Gregory of Nyssa on avoiding sensual spectacles.


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How much more danger is there today where immodesty and sensuality is celebrated, where media and entertainment is all around us.
May the Lord teach us to guard our eyes and our hearts that we might not sin against Him.
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