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  1. Seeking_Thy_Kingdom

    Seeking_Thy_Kingdom Puritan Board Freshman

    Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

    A brief introduction. My name is Bob and I live in Fresno California with my beautiful wife and 3 children.

    I was born in Amsterdam the Netherlands, raised for a period of 10 years in Queensland Australia before coming back to the Netherlands. When I was 31 years old I met my wife who is from Fresno and soon after I immigrated to the United States.

    Now the important stuff. After 36 years of living in the darkness of Atheism, the Lord permitted me to fall into such a heinous sin that my heart finally broke and I submitted to His lordship. That is now 7 years ago and since that wonderful day I have been growing in the knowledge and love of God.

    I started in a small non-denominational Church and then moved to a large Charismatic Church run by the Assemblies of God. In my few years there I tried to find my footing theologically. I looked at Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy but once I discovered R.C. Sproul and John Piper I quickly saw that the Reformed doctrines and confessions were the most truthful to Scripture.

    From there I made a brief stop at a more Reformed in doctrine but not in practice Church. I grew displeased with their refusal to honor the Lords day, RPW and regular communion so after researching Reformed denominations I made one more step and joined the RPCNA.

    Why the RPCNA over other denominations like the PCA or OPC? To put it bluntly the constitution failed to protect the unborn and legalized the continuation of genocide in our nation, shortly after that the same constitution failed to protect the covenant of marriage. It is my fear that it will not be too long before that same constitution fails once more and we lose our Christian freedoms.

    For the last couple of years I have been lurking around and reading along with the posts and it has been a great blessing to my growth, so it is time to reveal myself and join the board. I am still a babe in Christ and my posts will largely be asking for clarification rather than adding to discussions.

    I have been inspired by some of the translational works here and I may try my hand at some translations of old Dutch Nadere Reformatie books, so some tips and advice would be appreciated.

    If you have any questions for me, now would be the time to ask!

    Soli Deo Gloria,
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  2. LadyCalvinist

    LadyCalvinist Puritan Board Junior


    I used to be with the RPCNA and loved it there. Unfortunately I had to move and so I am no longer with them. I have learned so much from the puritanboard, do not be afraid to ask questions.
  3. kodos

    kodos Puritan Board Junior

    :welcome: Bob! Good to have you here! I've been blessed by being in the RPCNA as well. The PuritanBoard led me to the denomination and a primary reason we were involved in church planting the Dallas congregation. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  4. timfost

    timfost Puritan Board Senior

  5. Regi Addictissimus

    Regi Addictissimus Completely sold out to the King

    Nice to meet you, Bob. If you get serious about translation work, direct message me. I work for Reformation Heritage Books. We specialize in Puritan and Dutch Reformed works.
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  6. hammondjones

    hammondjones Puritan Board Sophomore

  7. TylerRay

    TylerRay Puritan Board Senior

    Welcome, Bob! I look forward to your contributions!
  8. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

  9. Berean

    Berean Puritanboard Commissioner

    Welcome to the PB, Bob. :wwbd:
  10. RPEphesian

    RPEphesian Puritan Board Junior

    Ha, my twin! Started AoG and swung the chandelier all the way to RPCNA. I'm not sure how much further you or I could swing doctrinally. Welcome!
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