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I'm a new member here. I'm a retired Marine Corps Officer.

I have spent my entire life in Brethren, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Church of Christ and Southern Baptist churches. However, back in my '20's I started studying the Westminster Standards. I became a Reformed voice in churches that lacked any serious theology.

Back in the '90's I attended a Presbyterian Church hoping that the teaching of the church matched the Westminster Standards. It didn't. The Sunday that I attended, the discussion in Sunday school centered around the fact that the church was unsettled about its position regarding homosexuality. I never went back. I reasoned that if they couldn't figure out the easy things, they would be lost on more difficult matters.

So, I remained in churches with poor theology and poor teaching. I resigned myself to the fact that good pastors were few and far between. I tried to make up for the deficiency by teaching Sunday school myself. About a year ago, I finally I decided that I had had enough. I quit my Southern Baptist Church and left its Pelagian pastor behind. I found a PCA church about a half hour from my home that has a gifted Bible expositor. Also, I started a Bible study in my own neighborhood and am praying that God will grow a reformed church out of it.

I suffer from lack of good Bible teaching, but I am trying to make up for lost time by personal Bible study.


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Welcome! I'm glad you found a good church, and I know how difficult that can be. I know my denomination (the ARP Church) has a lot of congregations in your area.

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Welcome. Please let me know if I can assist you in finding any resources or suggestions to further your studies. It would truly be my pleasure.
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