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Hello everyone! Glad to finally be a part of this board. I've been stalking the threads for so long I figured it was high time I joined up!

A bit about me: I'm 24 y/o college student working on double majors in History and international business at a private university here in SoCal. I look to be fully graduated by next Spring, and am currently exploring the possibility of enrolling in either Westminster Seminary, Talbot or Fuller in pursuit of an M.Div. in the next few years.

I grew up in the Calvary Chapels, but decided to leave a year ago after being exposed to the historic Reformed faith through the ministries of RC Sproul and Tim Keller (among the usual suspects among my generation if the newly Reformed), as well as skulking about these boards reading up on the various topics discussed. As of right now, I currently hold communicant membership in a local PCA congregation which I love dearly, regularly assisting in the running of our Lord's Day services.

Becoming Reformed truly has been an act of God's inestimable grace in my life, and I am convinced, like Spurgeon before me (and all of you, I'm sure!) that "to deny [it] is to deny the Gospel." I'm glad sites like this exist for the mutual edification of the Church of our Lord; I've learned so much this past year because of it, and have had my faith refined further still as a result.

Thanks again for having me! I'll try not to cause too much trouble.

*Let me know if my signature is up to snuff. I basically copied the format of other members, so I hope that's sufficient!


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Welcome, Cristian! In what ways do you assist with Lord's Day services in your church now?
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