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The name is Charles and I am a Southern Baptist minister serving in South Arkansas. I have been a Calvinist for about 3 years, subscribing to the 1689. I am 28 years old, a husband and father of two beautiful daughters and I am currently serving as the associate pastor in a small church in south Arkansas. I am serving in an area that is deeply rooted in Southern Baptist traditionalism & church fundamentalism, which makes ministry difficult at times. However, I am thankful for the Lords calling and blessing. I am also earning my MDiv via SBTS online, but still have a ways to go!

I have perused the PB for many years, especially when "investigating" the reformed tradition several years ago. Although I do not know any of you personally, I thank God for the wisdom, instruction, and recommendations providing by many of you on this forum.


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Welcome from a fellow SBC'er and SBTS alum. You'll find encouragement and help here (as well as some theological horsepower) -- good waters in which to swim!

Grace to you.
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